You can achieve success by mastering and combining the 10 points of Zen to achieve clarity of thinking, mindfulness and enlightenment, with the 13 steps to success detailed by Sun Zi

Much has been written about Sun Tzu and more about Zen. Here we combine and interpret in a contemporary context for today the best of both ideas to develop a practical strategy for personal and business success.

Although the Zen philosophy was developed around 500AD while Sun Tzu wrote his "Art Of War" around 500BC the two themes exist comfortably side by side, as Zen can be traced back to Confucius who  lived in 5th Century BC.

Zen focuses on awareness and seeking enlightenment whilst getting rid of the baggage of the past. It is necessary to first clear ones mind before embarking on the next step of developing a strategy for success.


Never  forget  to fight and win all your battles is not the ultimate goal.

The ultimate objective is to break the opponents resistance without fighting







This programme covers three stages.


The first stage focuses on Zen philosophy to awake the process of intellectual development


Your mind is burdened with baggage from the past. This acts as a barrier to clear and rational thinking. To achieve mindfulness and enlightenment


The next two stages are to take the thirteen steps described by
 Sun Zi (Tzu) split into six steps of planning and seven steps of action and adapt these to:-


 Achieve Success




"The longest journey starts with a single step" 

  Lao Tzu

To act without a plan is dangerous

To plan without action is

Sun Zi


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